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The mission of the Fairmount Heritage Foundation is to:

Preserve the rich, diverse historical and horticultural resources of Riverside and Fairmount Cemeteries; educating the community as fellow guardians to pass on those resources to future generations.

The Fairmount Heritage Foundation (FHF) was founded in 2001 by preservationists, horticulturists, historians, concerned citizens and Fairmount Cemetery Company to protect the heritage of Riverside and Fairmount for future generations.

A registered, fully compliant 501(c)3, Fairmount Heritage Foundation is the only non-profit working to preserve Denver’s two oldest cemeteries. A founding member of the Colorado Historic Cemetery Association we work collaboratively with historic cemeteries throughout Colorado to raise awareness about the need to protect and preserve these heritage gems.

FHF offers free educational program to schools including: history, geology, and horticulture; in 2013 we had over 2800 student visitors. Our monument preservation program, the only one in Denver, is led by professional preservationists; our horticulture programs include the Riverside Revival, an effort to develop an environmentally sustainable landscape and the Fairmount Arboretum Preservation Project.

A volunteer driven organization with a staff of one, FHF is an excellent example of what community collaboration can accomplish. We depend on membership fees, donations and corporate support to fund our education and preservation efforts.

To find out more, take a tour, or make a donation, please contact Jim Cavoto at 303.399.0692

Established to preserve protect and main the history and educational advantages of Fairmount and Riverside, the Fairmount Heritage Foundation is an important part of the Fairmount family.

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