Walking Tours

Guided Walking Tours

Guided walking tours are available at Riverside and Fairmount
with advance reservations, year round, weather permitting.

Walk into Historic Colorado!

Tour includes the people and events that shaped Colorado.

At Fairmount Cemetery visit the final resting place for some of Colorado’s early prominent and colorful founders.  Tour includes: Emily Griffith, Frank Edbrooke, Justina Ford M.D., Wolfe Londoner, William Byers, Jenny Rogers, Robert Speer, Henry Brown and many more.

At Riverside Cemetery explore Denver’s oldest and most historic cemetery on this walking tour. Founded in 1876, Riverside Cemetery is the final resting grounds for Colorado pioneers Barney Ford, Clara Brown, Augusta Tabor, Territorial Governor John Evans, and many more.

Veterans at Rest

Decorated and distinguished Veterans from the Indian, Mexican, Civil, Spanish-American, WWI and WWII, and Korean wars are honored.

Sites & Symbolism

Both cemeteries are home to significant collections of 19th century sculptures of bronze, marble and granite; Riverside is also home to the largest known collection of white bronze (zinc) monuments in North America.

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History — Distinguished Women of Colorado

From pioneer women to leaders of Colorado during the 20th century, this tour introduces you to just a few of the women that shaped our history.

At Fairmount Cemetery visit Alice M. Ruble, Florence Rena Sabin, Caroline Bancroft, Mary Elitch, Mabel Costigan and Agnes Wolcott Vaille.

At Riverside Cemetery among the women whose gravesites you will visit are Alice Polk Hill, Augusta Tabor, Clara Brown, Sarah Likens, and Katrina Murat.

Horticulture Tours

  • Riverside Revival—Native, Heritage and Historic Plants of Riverside Learn about the environmentally sustainable landscape being developed at Riverside; the CSU Plant Select Demonstration Gardens; the newly planted heritage iris garden; along with the heritage roses, and historic trees.  Riverside Only
  • Trail of TreesFairmount Cemetery is home to Colorado’s largest arboretum.  Visit an English Oak planted in 1890, the year Fairmount was founded and numerous State Champion Trees.  Fairmount Only
  • Heritage RosesFairmount is home to almost 300 roses, half of which are heirloom roses.  This collection of unique and rare roses is internationally recognized.  Tours are offered in June and July while in bloom.  Fairmount Only

Fairmount Mausoleum

The Fairmount Mausoleum is the final resting place of Frederick & Helen Bonfils, Charles Boettcher and Florence Rena Sabin; as well as home to one of the largest collections of stained glass art  in Colorado including: The Gleaners and Mount of the Holy Cross.  Fairmount Only

I’m Famous; I Have a School Named After Me

Have you ever wondered who Emily Griffith was and why there is a school named after her? Or Owen J. Goldrick, or Mary Sabin, this tour will explain that and more about how our school buildings were named.

Dearly Departed Architects of Denver

A unique tour that pays homage to Denver’s most legendary architects of years past.  Fairmount Only

Where Denver’s Scandals are Buried

The Victorians were not as prudish as some believe. Sex, bribery, and other crimes of early Denver were taken to the grave in Denver’s Fairmount Cemetery. Fairmount Only

History & Mystery at Riverside

Do you know about the mystery of the Jones Mausoleum or the tragedy of the Drake Cabin?  Learn about these and other mysteries of early Colorado.  Riverside Only


Guided Tours Begin:

At Riverside Cemetery the Riverside Chapel

At Fairmount Cemetery the 1890 Gate Lodge

The Fairmount Heritage Foundation is the only non-profit organization authorized to conduct tours at Riverside and Fairmount Cemeteries.

To schedule a tour please call 303-322-3895 or e-mail us:

Guided Tour Fees

  • Tours: $10 per person
  • School Tours/Programs are FREE

All proceeds benefit the Fairmount Heritage Foundation
Education and Preservation programs.