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Common Name:
Black Locust
Scientific Name:
Robinia pseudoacacia
Common Family:
Pea Family
Scientific Family:
Bark: is light gray with deep furrows.
Foliage: pinnately compound, which means one leaf has many (7 - 19) leaflets on one main stem. Leaflets are always paired, except for the one on the end of the leaf. Leaf color is bluish-green on top, and pale underneath. The entire leaf is 6 to 12 inches long. Leaflets are oval-shaped and less than 2 inches long with no teeth and a bristle tip. At night leaflets fold up and droop.
Fruit: dark brown pods up to 4 inches long. Pods stay attached to the tree in winter, and each pod has up to 14 seeds in it
Cemetery|Location: Fairmount | Block 91
Additional Information:

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services Plant Guide – Black Locust