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Common Name:
Bur Oak
Scientific Name:
Quercus macrocarpa
Common Family:
Beech family
Scientific Family:
Bark: Ashy gray to brown in color and quite scaly, but noticeably ridged vertically on large trees
Foliage: Alternate, simple, 6 to 12 inches long, roughly obovate in shape, with many lobes. The two middle sinuses nearly reach the midrib dividing leaf nearly in half. The lobes near the tip resemble a crown, green above and paler, fuzzy below.
Fruit: Acorns are quite large (1 1/2 inches long) and 1/2 enclosed in a warty cap that has a long-fringed margin, maturing in one growing season in late summer and fall.
Cemetery|Location: Fairmount | Block 2
Additional Information:

Colorado Tree Coalition – Bur Oak