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Common Name:
Eastern Redbud
Scientific Name:
Cercis canadensis
Common Family:
Pea Family
Scientific Family:
Bark: Slightly furrowed brownish gray and flaky as tree matures.
Foliage: Leaves are dark green, alternate, simple and heart-shaped, 3-5" wide.
Fruit: A small legume, 2" to 4" long, 1/2" wide and flat. Pods can hang on tree through the winter months.
Cemetery|Location: Fairmount | Block 61 Clump
Additional Information:

Forms: Clump Redbud is a multi-trunk small tree that has several branches or trunks coming from a clump in the ground; it is without a dominant main trunk and has either a shrubby or vase shape. It typically grows about 10 to 15 feet tall. Tree redbud has a single, dominant trunk and grows taller. Fairmount has both types. 

Colorado Tree Coalition – Eastern Redbud