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Common Name:
Pin Oak
Scientific Name:
Quercus palustris
Common Family:
Beech family
Scientific Family:
Bark: Gray-brown and very tight and thin; remains smooth for many years, eventually develops thin ridges and furrows.
Foliage: Alternate, simple, 3 to 6 inches long, oval in outline with 5 to 9 bristle-tipped lobes and irregularly deep sinuses that extend nearly to the midrib. Major lobes form a U-shape. Bright green above and pale below with axillary tifts.
Fruit: Acorns are 1/2 inch long, striated, round (but flattened at the cap); thin and saucer-like cap, covered with red-brown appressed scales; matures after 2 years, dispersed fall to early winter.
Cemetery|Location: Fairmount | Block 56
Additional Information:

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services Plant Database – Pin Oak