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Common Name:
Subalpine Fir
Scientific Name:
Abies lasiocarpa
Common Family:
Pine Family
Scientific Family:
Bark: When young, grayish green and covered with resin blisters; later turning gray to white, unbroken except near base of large trees. Resin pockets scattered throughout inner bark.
Foliage: Flattened needles, usually about 1 inch long, thickened in the middle, bluish white bloom on all surfaces; tips mostly rounded, but may be notched (or pointed near top of tree); spirally arranged but uniformly upswept; commonly have a manicured appearance.
Fruit: Cones are 2 to 4 inches long, cylindrical, slender, and borne upright on the twig (frequently in clusters); cone scales are deciduous, falling from the cone as seeds ripen; purple when mature.
Cemetery|Location: Fairmount |
Additional Information:

Virginia Tech Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation – Subalpine Fir