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Fairmount holds a certain mystique and allure. Regardless of what brings you to Fairmount, you’ll find yourself in beautiful scenery full of character and enchanting detail. Whether the famous Arboretum, stunning Ivy Chapel, or the beautiful Rose Garden, Fairmount’s picturesque backdrop is an attraction worth visiting.

One visit to Fairmount, and you’ll realize it’s something special. This lush 280-acre expanse of trees, birds, wildlife, gardens and spectacular monuments is the perfect destination for celebrations, family, tours, a stroll, bike ride, picnic. Come visit and pay respects to a loved one, spend some quiet time in reflection or prayer or to learn something new. You will find plenty of stories around every turn. Be inspired and amazed by Fairmount’s greenery and heritage.

Founded in 1890, Fairmount is Denver’s second oldest cemetery. The grounds, monuments and community spaces were designed on a grand scale and to stand the test of time. For generations, Denver’s most prominent families have counted on Fairmount to provide a serene and beautiful resting place for their loved ones as well as a place to celebrate life, family, community and more.